In the midst of all the Nathan and Haley drama going on right now, I thought it would be nice to reminisce on our favourite “Naley” moments!

Here are just some of my own personal favourites!

bracelet“Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

tutoringNathan and Haley’s first tutoring session.

first-dateHaley and Nathan go on their first date, courtesy of Brooke Davis!

first-kiss“You shouldn’t have done that Nathan.”

“But I wanted to…”

in-the-rainKissing in the rain!

naley-season3Haley and Nathan getting back on track, after Haley’s return.

forever-and-alwaysNathan proposing to Haley for the second time in Season 3.

i-doThe big day – second time around.

wedding“I do.”


naley-season6“Always and forever.”

Love Nathan and Haley just as much as I do? Tell us about your favourite “Naley” moments below, by leaving a comment!

And if you just can’t get enough of Nathan and Haley, just click on the link below, to watch a music video tribute which captures some really cute “Naley” scenes from OTH!

Capturing the Naley love story!