Mid-Late 1980′s

Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer was born to Elizabeth Harp and Mick Wolf  but due to thier inability to care for her, they gave her up for adoption. Peyton grew up with them as her real parents, and grew very close to her adoptive Mother, Anna. When Anna passed away, it drew Peytonslife to a deep depression. She was never at home with her Father much, as he always worked, and she grew up consequently lonely.
During high school, Peyton started up a relationship with Nathan Scott. Their relationship was often argumentative and constantly emotionally confusing. The two always got back together for the physical aspect of thier relationship. Peyton was not like all other cheerleader, as she had an interest in art and more definitely, music.
Peyton passion was music, and she even began a club with Lucas Scotts Mother, named TRIC.
Peyton, ast first was resistent to Lucas, but soon realised how much he cared for her talents than Nathan.
She began to fall in love for Lucas, despite his relationship with Brooke Davis. This is causing a huge wedge to come between thier relationship.
But, at the school shooting, she kissed Lucas, thinking it may be her last chance, further causing Brooke to resent her. They did not make up as friends until later in thier senior year, where Brooke realised that Peyton and Lucas were made for each other.
Peyton also meets her biological Mother whom reveals herself to Peyton after years of watching her from a distance, and half brother, whom come into her life after an imposter threatens her life.
Her biological Mother passes away from cancer, still leaving Peyton depressed from the death of people she loves.
Peyton moves onto LA where he begins an internship at a music label and is the assistant of the assistant. She looses touch with Lucas after he proposes and she gets scared. Her lifeis not in the place she wants, and she is unhappy and lonely.
She and Brooke arrive back in Tree Hill, and arrives to find that Lucas has found new love in his publisher. Peyton and Lucas have unsolved tension between them and they cant solve it, but they both still love each other. Peyton opend up her own music label, fulfilling her dream, while she is struggling with relationships.
Lucas’ wedding gets called off, causing him to realise who he is meant to be with. Peyton and Lucas get married, and pregnant. Not before she is diagnosed with a condition that could kill her during child birth. She decides to keep the chils and take the risk. Lucas cannot stand it, as he doesnt want to loose her.
Peyton collapses on her wedding night, leaving Lucas to rush her to the hospital, Her baby is born via C-section but she is left in a coma. All hopes are dire until she awakes with the name of her child, Sawyer Scott.
Peyton and Lucas’ last scene in Tree Hill, is them driving into the distance with Sawyer in the back of her infamous car, as they decide to travel the world.

Peyton, at first, is lonely, angry and depressed. As the series moves on, Haley, Lucas Brooke help her become a happier and more fulfilled person.
She is deeply interested in art, but her biggest passion is music as she believes it is a release for everybody who has hard times. She always states that she couldnt live without it as it gives her faith, and loves the meaning behind the lyrics.
She evolves constantly, and is now a happy person living the life she always dreamed.

Nathan Scott: Broken Up junior year
Jake Jagielski: Broken Up junior year
Lucas Scott: Married with a child

‘Lucas Scott. We’ve been through so much together. And despite how confused I’ve been or lost I might have gotten there was always you. Finding me and saving me. You deserve to be adored so that’s what we’re gonna do, your baby and me. We are going to adore you for years to come. I am so terribly in love with you. And I always will be.’

‘Your always saving me’